The 15 Most Expensive Athlete Homes

Did you see the contract that David Price just got from the Boston Red Sox? Athletes make a tone of frickin’ money, even ones who’ve demonstrated they can’t perform in the postseason – Red Sox fan writing here… At any rate, these athletes will use their lucrative contracts and endorsement deals to purchase homes that us mere mortals can only dream of owning. That’s why we’ve decided to collect this list of the 15 athletes who own the most expensive homes. Some of the inclusions here might shock you, while others will be entirely unsurprising. Think you know who has the most expensive home? We bet you don’t… So, you’ll have to click through and find out for yourself!

15. Kobe

I heard the news today, oh boy. The day that Kobe, AKA Mamba, decided to finally hang it up… Well, not just yet… He’s going to finish the season… At any rate, once Kobe’s done with his farewell tour, he’s got some time in his beautiful Newport Coast mansion to look forward to. He’s been trying to sell the property, though, but so far hasn’t found any buyers, even after dropping the price down to $6.9 million. We think he’ll be staying.