The 15 Hottest Women in the Gentleman’s Sport of Golf

So, you think golf is a boring sport, do you? You think it’s totally not fun to watch a bunch of grown men chase a tiny white ball around a course with a stick? Well, you’re not alone. Golf is, for all intents and purposes, kind of boring. But, there are some ways in which it can be exciting, especially when you start to think about all of the attractive ladies who are in and around the sport. Not sure what we’re talking about? Well, that’s something we’re about to change! Come take a look at 15 of the hottest women in the sport of golf! Maybe a few can help make your crooked shot straight again… If you know what we mean…

1. Blair O’Neal

Like many others that play the sport, Blair here has been at it for a while, trying to catch her big break. She was a part of the LPGA Symetra Tour starting in 2004. However, she decided to take a break from the sport to – you guessed it – try her hand at modeling. The lure of golf proved to be too great though, and she jumpstarted her career on the links again by taking part in the Golf Channel’s “Big Break” program. Now, she’s trying to join the LPGA tour.