15 Times Athletes Got Caught On Social Media

Athletes are way different than us in many ways. They are, of course, bigger, stronger and faster. Often, they’re more handsome or beautiful. They’re certainly richer and more famous! Despite all of these advantages, though, they’re still mere mortals like you and us. In fact, they make the same mortal mistakes that we all make, including really bad ones on social media – sometimes making ones that are way worse than we’ve ever made! On this list, you’re going to find 15 examples of times when athletes have been caught with their pants down on social media… Literally and figuratively. Enjoy!



1. Post-Coital Edelman

When you win the Super Bowl, everyone wants to be near you, including adoring female fans. Following the Patriots’ Super Bowl win at the end of last season, one lusty fan managed to both meet and bed the star wide receiver. She didn’t want to keep her conquest quiet, though. Instead, she decided to snap a picture of herself with the post-coital Edelman, sharing the resulting photographic evidence on Tinder.