15 Sports TV Personalities You’d Love to Punch in the Face

We live in the era of hot takes! Not content for nuanced debate any longer, our television personalities must be the ones with the hottest of takes, meaning that they must be controversial, said loudly, and based upon only the thinnest amount of evidence. Not surprisingly, the rise of the hot take has led to a concomitant rise in the number of seriously annoying television personalities. It’s a Hot Takes Cold War! So, who are the worst offenders gracing our airwaves every night? Who are the sports personalities on television we all want to punch in the face? Here they are, in no particular order…



1. Ray Lewis

If there’s one thing that Ray Lewis loves more than Ray Lewis, it’s hearing Ray Lewis talk. This former Baltimore Raven seriously does not know how to shut up. Plus, there’s all that God stuff that he’s ever willing to inject into his football commentary. Oh, and then there’s how he always adds that extra syllable to “ath-el-ete”. The silver lining? Watching every around Ray give each other side-eyes while he speaks.