15 Sports Movie Mistakes You Totally Missed

You know how it is when you’re a sports fan. You obsess over the minute details. Say, for example, you’re a baseball fan. You’re not just focusing on ERA and wins, you’re also focusing on stats like WHIP and OPS. That’s what makes it so surprising when the makers of sports movies flub the minute details. Those mistakes are just waiting to be caught by the discerning sports fan… So, what are some of the biggies? That’s what we’re going to be looking at below. As you go through, test yourself: Did you notice these mistakes while you were watching these classic sports films?



1. Matchup Dependent

In the movie The Express, we learn about the life and times of Ernie Davis, who was the first African American to win the Heisman. Those who are familiar with Ernie will know that, despite his college success and being the top pick in the draft, he never ended up playing a game due to Leukemia. However, he was introduced during a preseason game with the Pittsburg Steelers. The film, however, portrays it as a game with the Chicago Bears. Oops.