15 Sexy Celebrities Who Love Soccer

Soccer has been trying to break through in the United States for a long time. Still, it’s not as popular is it could (or should) be. This year, the U.S. Women’s National Team is trying to do its part, going for its third World Cup title this upcoming weekend. While the outcome of the match may or may not be decided by the time you read this, one thing’s for certain: you should give soccer a shot! But, convincing you is so hard… So, we’re going to rely on one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book. We’re going to use sexy celebrities to endorse the sport! Check out these 15 sexy celebrity soccer fans, and see if your cold soccer heart isn’t warmed by the end….



1. Shakira

Wherever, whenever, Shakira and soccer are meant to be together. Soccer will be there, and Shakira will be here – that’s just the way, my dear! At any rate, Shakira doesn’t keep it true to her Colombian roots. Her favorite team actually happens to be FC Barcelona. Of course, whenever there’s a FIFA World Cup to be had, you can bet that Shakira won’t be too far away. Perhaps you’ve caught one of her World Cup theme songs? If not, go look them up!