15 of the Sexiest Female MMA Fighters

Certainly, there are some men who would like to remain the dominant position in a relationship. But, how boring and staid is that? Wouldn’t you prefer a woman who takes charge, gets things done, and kicks some ass? That sounds a lot more fun to us! That’s what makes female MMA fighters so ridiculously alluring. Of course, they’re all in peak physical condition and incredibly attractive, but the fact that they could pull a Fifty Shades of Grey on you… Well, that pitches a tent for us, at least. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at the sexiest MMA fighters in the octagon today!



1. Laura Sanko

Fighting in the atomweight division, Laura Sanko is one tough and spunky customer. In 2013, she had to take a little time away from the sport of mixed martial arts in order to give birth to her child, but she’s back in the ring now. That means she’s back to the business of giving black eyes, bloody noses, and wrestling other women into submissions… And, we’re all the better for that!