15 Hottest Women In Extreme Sports

Let’s get extreme, bro! Like, seriously. Let’s get totally extreme! Oh my god, bro… Do you know what’s more extreme then men doing extreme things, bro? It’s women doing extreme things, bro! It’s like, bro, come on, bro! I mean, those hot women in extreme sports, bro. Have you seen them, bro? They’re like the sexiest little things that the Big Man Upstairs ever put on this planet, bro. It might break your heart, bro. Don’t let it, bro. Be strong! You’ve got to be strong, Brosef Stalin! You’ve got to drink your Muscle Milk! Drink that Muscle Milk, and come take a look at the hottest women in extreme sports… Bro…



1. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins

We’re going to start our list of the hottest women in extreme sports by highlighting the person on that list how happens to have the most extreme name. We’re of course talking about Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins, one of the most well-known female skateboarders on the planet. Since a young age, she’s been tearing up the X Games, and she’s been skateboarding straight into the hearts of male extreme sports fans everywhere.