15 Hilarious Failed Athlete Prom Photos

Professional athletes don’t seem like real people. They’re faster than we are; they’re stronger than we are; and they’re certainly wealthier than we are. But, we’ve all got to remember one thing. For as great as a professional athletes may be today, they were all once young and awkward like we were. As such, they all had to go through the ritual of the high school prom – wearing the ill-fitting tuxedo and posing with their prom date, all while avoiding the skeptical look of their dates’ fathers. To show you what we mean, we’ve collected these absolutely hilarious and failed athlete prom photos! Some of them might even more awkward than your own!



1. Tiger Woods

Did you happen to catch that press conference that Tiger Woods gave recently? It sounds like he’s all but done with golf, and that’s really too bad. Say what you will about him, did knew how to hit a tiny white ball with a club! At any rate, here’s Tiger Woods at his high school prom. Looking at this, would you have ever guessed that he’d turn into the consummate player, nailing cocktail waitresses all over the world?