15 Biggest Jerks In Sports

There are many professional athletes that go about their jobs, earn their big paychecks, and live normal, healthy and friendly lives… But then there are other athletes who let all that money and fame go to their heads. When this happen, these athletes become jerks. In most cases, we have to imagine these athletes weren’t born as jerks – though it certainly seems like a few of them were. In either event, jerks they are, and it’s incumbent upon us to let you know exactly who they are. So come on a tour with us! Let’s take a look at the 15 biggest jerks in sports history – almost all of whom are still playing!



1. Alex Rodriguez

We’ll give the dude some credit; he’s gone a long way toward rehabilitating his image. But, he’d pretty much need to save a thousand school children from certain death to be redeemed in our eyes. How about all those denials about PED use, A-Rod? How about that photo shoot (pictured above) where you’re kissing your own reflection in a mirror? This guy is seriously the worst, and everyone knows it.