15 Athletes Whose Bodies Defied Logic

To be an elite athlete, you’ve got to have an elite body. It doesn’t matter what sport (or sports) you play, you need to have the kind of physique that defies logic. On this list, we’re going to examine athletes from a number of different sports who meet this criterion. We’ve got body builders, martial artists, baseball players, football players, basketball players, and even a couple multiple-sports athletes. All of them have something about their bodies that simply defies (or defied) logic, and that made them incredible. Want to find out whom we’re talking about? Then click on through to find out our 15 athletes whose bodies defied logic!



1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you made it out to the Terminator movie, you may be saying this right now: “Dude’s getting old!” And, sure enough, he is. However, how quickly you forget what a beast of a man Arnie once was and in many ways still is. Back when Arnold was a body builder, he blew absolutely everyone out of the water, winning competitions left and right. Do yourself a favor and watch “Pumping Iron” if you’ve never seen – just be sure to turn on the subtitles; Arnold’s accent used to be thick.