15 Athletes Who You Didn’t Know Had a Sibling in Pro Sports

Some things just run in the family, whether it’s intelligence, good looks, or in this case athleticism. Throughout every professional sport, there are some big-name athletes who also happen to have equally athletic siblings. What’s crazy, though, is that you may have never even heard of many of them! On this list, we’ve collected some of the highest-profile athletes and their equally athletic siblings. In some cases, the siblings happen to play the same sport, and in other cases the siblings have gone different athletic directions. Whatever the case, test your sports knowledge now! Do you know these athlete siblings?



1. Horace and Harvey Grant

Fans of the Chicago Bulls will be quite familiar with Horace Grant, as he was a member of the team back when Michael Jordan was the league’s marquee player. What many may not realize is this: Horace had a brother, Harvey, who also played professional basketball for over 10 years, bouncing around from team to team. Harvey had a pretty respectable career too, averaging around five buckets a game.