15 Athletes Who Are Way Older Than You Think

Professional sports are for the young… Or, at least that’s what one’s led to believe. If you actually scroll the rosters of some of your favorite teams, though, you’re likely to spot some players who are truly up there in years. As a matter of fact, some of the best players in all of the major leagues are some of the oldest. It makes sense. Provided you can take care of your body over an extended period of time, you only gain more experience. With that experience, you can continue to become a better and better player – until your body finally gives out, of course. So who are the oldest athletes playing in sports today? Let’s take a look!



1. Tim Duncan

While other teams my occasionally put out flashy rosters in the NBA, there’s one team that’s always a favorite no matter what year we’re talking about: The San Antonio Spurs. A big reason for that is center Tim Duncan, who’s been playing in the NBA for the past 18 – going on 19 – years. Simply incredible. Over that span, Tim has racked up 15 all-star appearances, five titles, and two MVP awards. Hall of fame, here Tim Duncan comes!